Reference Resources – Knowledge is Power! | Version 6

Dominate Databases!
One of the best, and I think least used Reference Resources available in the library isn’t a book or a journal, but is a database! That’s right- a database! Now please understand, I’m quite fond of books; I’m surrounded by them at home and here at work, but our database collection is jaw-droppingly stunning, and this one is one of the stars.
Have I got you curious yet? I’ll bet you’re saying to yourself “What oh what could this database be that Doug is so infatuated with”? It’s called Vetstream, and is available to all our students and faculty from the Databases link from the library home page.
The content of Vetstream is simply amazing and focuses on dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. Literally anything you could possibly want to know about these animals is find-able through Vetstream. Some of the categories for each species include behavior, breeds, cardiology, critical care, dentistry, dermatology, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, microbiology, neurology, nutrition, oncology, owner info, parasitology, pathology, reproduction, whew!!…. and the list goes on!
The information you can find in Vetstream is very current and even includes info on Charley’s favorite “Giant Bunny”!     You will find that each category of each species is updated often, and best of all, there is citation information.
If you’re a Vet Tech student or faculty and haven’t yet seen this, you’re really missing out on something that is very special.                                                                   Come give this a test drive and you’ll and find out why I never, ever loose at Trivial Pursuit!