Robyne Robinson Inspires Students with Life Lessons

Robyne Robinson, Globe UniversityWho doesn’t like to meet a famous TV personality? This is exactly the opportunity the Foundations of Writing II class at Globe University – Minneapolis had when former news anchor, Robyne Robinson, came by for a visit.

One of the class projects was to interview someone who was homeless on Nicollet Mall, which is located directly outside the campus of Globe University in downtown Minneapolis. The students were required to interview and write a paper about this person’s life journey.  The instructor, Jerry Hughes, wanted the students to write in a way that anyone reading the paper would feel the emotional journey that led them to their current place in life.

Who better to learn from on how to interview and write about a stranger than a seasoned news anchor like Robyne Robinson!  

But students learned more than interview techniques — they learned valuable life lessons. Robyne shared her journey of success that led her through some challenging obstacles such as racism and sexism.  The students were challenged and inspired to be all they can be in life and never let anything or anyone stop them from succeeding.

Robyne Robinson, Globe University

The Foundations of Writing II Class with Robyne

After their conversation with Robyne, the students took that spirit onto the streets and started to interview.  In turn, they wrote fantastic papers about some of the most forgotten people in life – the homeless. 

This project became more than a paper or an assignment, it became about learning through giving to others.  It was about taking the time to listen to people who have no voice.  This project was life-changing for the students.  In fact, some of the students returned to the streets with their paper in hand for the person they interviewed with their perfect grade.  One homeless man said, “No one has even taken the time to hear my story.”

This is what we call real learning and thank you to Robyne Robinson for inspiring us!