Running Into Trouble at the Bellin Run

Medical Students Volunteer in Medical Tent and Water Station

Students from the CMA Review course and Patient Care II classes volunteered their time and energy to help assist with the Bellin Run by working in the medical tent and the water station. The students helped runners who encountered problems supplied water for participants. Jenni Derpinghaus, externship coordinator and Veronica Kruse, medical program chair were also assisting with the students too. Veronica Kruse, medical program chair states, “Students learned important skills in questioning, patient history and performing vitals.”

Students in the medical tent were assigned the duties as scribes, where they helped a registered nurse take patient information, address patient complaints and assisted with stocking supplies and other duties. Customer service skills and the value of staying hydrated benefited the students who worked in the water station.

Students applied classroom knowledge by practicing skills with supervision to ensure proper technique. Having students volunteer in a setting like this allowed them to work with real people and make contacts within the community by providing a wonderful service to participants of the Bellin Run.