Service Learning Project Provides Massage Students a Special Experience

No matter who you are and no matter what job you hold, stressful situations occur. Regardless of how stressful those situations may be, there are different ways to overcome that stress. One fantastic way is through the power of massage.

Massage therapy has several benefits for all populations. This quarter, the students enrolled in Globe University Sioux Falls’ Pregnancy and Special Population course were able to experience the power of massage therapy and its benefits to individuals.

Students traveled to DakotAbilities work areas in Sioux Falls to cater to individuals with special needs. The students provided massages to several individuals. DakotAbilities is a nonprofit organization in Sioux Falls that provides residential and vocational services to individuals with a variety of abilities and disabilities.

Students who participated with in this project were able to adjust their skills to a variety of individuals which in turn helps them to become better-rounded massage therapists. Michellee’ Mutua described her experience with Dakotabilities by stating, “I realized that this was a great experience for me. Walking into DakotAbilities today, made me see that these individuals are just like every other person in the world. They are brilliant, charming, sweet individuals that enjoyed us coming in and giving them a little loving care.”

Student Chad Alfson stated this project “should be conducted for every Pregnancy and Special Population class because it will teach you about diversity in your field and most students will experience something they have not experienced before. Just one more area that we will be able to put on our resumes and add to our training in different modalities.”

The partnerships between Globe University-Sioux Falls and DakotAbilities is truly a special experience and we want to thank all those individuals who are so willing to work with our campus, students, and staff.