Small Patients Offer Valuable Experience to Globe University Students

Child Wellness Clinic Allows Medical Assistant Students to Practice Skills

Student Heather Gonzagowski performs a blood pressure check on one of the younger patients.

Medical Assistant students in the CMA Review class at Globe University – Madison East were able to put their pediatric patient skills into action during a Child Wellness Clinic held on campus this quarter.

Parents were encouraged to bring their children into campus to participate in the clinic, which served as an applied learning project for the CMA Review class. Children of ages ranging 6 months to 14 years old participated in the clinic.  Students performed vitals, auditory checks, eye exams, and recorded height and weight with each child as they learned the importance of plotting growth charts. Depending on age, the children were asked a series of questions about home safety and hygiene.

Globe University Instructor Dan Goplin stressed the importance of this hands-on clinic saying, “Working with children and their parents is very different than working with adults.  There are so many child wellness points that one has to go over during a child wellness check including psychosocial development and child safety.”

Medical assistant student Melissa Nelson enjoyed the experience stating, “Working with real patients especially the peds was a lot of fun.  It taught me the real value of having patience and being soft toned to make them feel comfortable.”

Parents seemed impressed with the students’ interaction with their children. “The students did an excellent job,” Cynthia Bachhuber said. “My daughter had a check-up with the doctor the day after the clinic at Globe University.  All of her measurements were exactly what the MA students had taken at the clinic.”