Soothing Away Infant Stress

Massage students teach parents pediatric massage to accompany favorite nursery rhymes

Globe University-La Crosse students taught parents massage techniques that can accompany nursery rhymes to reduce infant stress and promote bedtime comfort.

Massage therapy students fully organized, promoted and taught the pediatric massage event. Students enhanced their course objectives of using adaptive massage with special populations and created massage techniques to accompany traditional bedtime stories. Students taught these techniques to the parents and demonstrated them on the infants.

Aimee Miritello, Massage Therapy Program Chair at Globe University, explained that the event offered value experience for the students in preparing for their careers.

“The nursery rhyme bedtime massage event was a great way for the students to apply their adaptive techniques for a pediatric population, and at the same time gave them the experience of educating their clients,” Miritello said. “The students had a great time planning for and putting on the event.”

Ree Nae Roberge-Greene, an event attendee, appreciated the knowledge she gained.

“The pediatric massage lesson was enlightening and helpful with my newborn,” Roberge-Greene said. “She very much enjoys being massaged, and the students and faculty were knowledgeable about the topic. I learned some good techniques and the implementation of stories with massage is a great technique. My daughter really enjoys her story time massages.”