STDs and Students: Spreading Awareness

Acting as true public health educators, health care management students in Alyson Haugen’s Public Health class wrote letters to the La Crosse Tribune sharing the risks involved with sexual behavior and the prevalence of STDs among youth.

health care management

Kim Lombard, an Injury Preventionist from Gundersen Lutheran, discussed community health needs with the health care management students.

Through the course of the term, health care students learned about the health issues in La Crosse and surrounding communities. Guest speakers, team projects, and research led to the class’s conclusion that they could share the knowledge they discovered with the local community.  

“From what was taught in class about how public health practitioners take their knowledge out into the community in order to educate on health issues,” Haugen explained, “my students did the same and acted as true public health educators themselves by increasing awareness and making a difference in their community.”

To spread STD awareness and information to the La Crosse community, students wrote an editorial letter that was published in the La Crosse Tribune. The letter detailed information about sexual education, STD prevention, and local resources available to the community.

“I really liked writing an editorial as we were able to present our opinion, but at the same time, create an awareness within our community,” a Globe University health care management student explained.

Reaching out to the public gave the Globe University-La Crosse students the experience of acting as public health educators. They applied their classroom knowledge to the needs of the community through this service learning project.

One student said, “We felt like we were able to represent Globe University in a positive way and portray to the community the types of service learning projects that we partake in as students.”