Student Becomes Teacher through Service Learning

Last quarter, Globe University student, Demitra Adams was given an assignment to complete a service learning project. Simply put, a service learning project is a way for students to use what they’re learning in the classroom, and apply it to real-world settings in and around their communities.

After some thought, Demitra decided she’d like to complete her service learning project with the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club of America. Being a student in James Walsh’s Customer Service Strategies course, Demitra decided she’d lend a hand to the club by providing some education to the kids who were currently using the club’s services. Demitra create a curriculum that focused on the basic functions of providing customer service to one another. Demitra then expanded on this topic by also including conflict resolution skills into her teachings.

Demitra says she kicked off her teachings by helping the kids to first understand the true definition of customer service. Then, once she felt the kids had a firm grasp of that concept, she moved on to more in-depth topics such as positive and negative nonverbal communication.

Business administration student Demitra Adams worked with her local chapter of Boys & Girls Club to educate kids on the fundamentals of customer service.

Demitra describes some of positive customer service tactics she was teaching the students. “Subjects like focusing on the customer as a person, being sincere and using language they can understand were some of the positive skills they learned about. It was also explained why it is important to not use slang, and to always be professional when speaking to or helping customers.”

In addition to Demitra’s teachings on nonverbal cues, the business administration student also wanted to provide the kids with skills for identifying and resolving conflicts. This, she says, will help promote more effective ways to keeping the lines of communication open among everyone utilizing the Boys & Girls Club services.

On her overall experience, Demitra says, “Working with the youth at the Boys and Girls Club was greater than words can explain. The children were eager to learn, catching on quickly to the concepts being taught. Engaging with them is a reminder of how important customer service truly is, and why everyone needs to be trained in customer service skills regardless of his or her job title.”