Student helping other Students

Amy Runkle, MSB Online forensic accounting student, did not realize the impact that she could make on her community by assisting at the United Way’s Jump Start for School campaign.  This campaign served 4,000 students in Olmstead County, Minnesota.  The United Way was helping to meet the needs of students that need backpacks and school supplies prior to classes beginning in September.

Amy took on the important role of greeting and welcoming each family.  Amy was excited to report that over 3200 families and students were helped in starting school with the appropriate supplies.  Amy was pleased that so many families were able to participate and she loved seeing that the families were receiving what they needed and were so thankful for the assistance.

Following this event, Amy was inspired to join the Emerging Leaders program.  This program provides the opportunity for volunteers to lead and coordinate an event as well as volunteer monthly.  Amy is looking forward to giving back to her community in the future.