Student Helps Raise over $10k in Donations for Young Man with Brain Injury

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Landon Hochstetler needs a Quadriciser to help in his recovery. Globe University student is helping the cause. Photo Credit:

Throughout your education at Globe University-Online, it’s likely you’ll participate in a course that requires you to perform some sort of service learning project. The typical service learning project consists of a student taking their classroom skills and applying them to a real world setting by volunteering in their communities.

But what Jessica Larson, a business administration student, did for her project truly went above and beyond the details of a classroom assignment.

Jessica decided that instead of spending time volunteering at a local organization in her community that she’d try and help a family in need instead. So, using the skills she learned in Jim Walsh’s Customer Service Strategies course, Jessica began her work with a young man named Landon and his family.

Landon Hochstetler was struck by a car while out rollerblading on September 13, 2010. He sustained a severe brain injury and many other complications as a result of the accident. Landon has since been on a long road to recovery, and while he’s not there yet, he’s making strides every day.

In order to aid in his recovery, Jessica worked with Landon’s family to establish a donation fund that’ll assist with the purchase of a Quadriciser. A Quadriciser is a machine that’s considered to be a total body therapy system that patients can use to gently keep their bodies moving. This helps keeps muscles from atrophying and maintain Landon’s range of motion, with the hope that he’ll one day be able to walk again.

globe university

Business administration student, Jessica Larson, used her service learning project to help a local family in need.

To date, Jessica’s website and social media presence have garnered significant web traffic and have allowed Landon’s family to receive $10,720 in donations. This is an even more astonishing feat considering the site was only recently established on December 13, 2013!

When asked about what Jessica has learned from this service learning project, she replied, “This project showed me that by paying attention to other people’s reactions, body language, and tone, you can determine a lot about what a person actually thinks. I have also found that I am a lot more willing to sacrifice my personal time to help others who are struggling or who just need to know that other people are there and ready to help when they need it. This project has really taken me in depth with customer service and with myself.”

If you’d like to donate to Landon’s Quadriciser machine and learn more about his road to recovery, please visit his website HERE. As a university, let’s see if we can help reach Jessica and Landon’s ultimate goal of $15,000!