Student’s Applied Learning Project Turns into Paid Position

A Globe University student is beginning to gain quite the following for a local business she recently helped through her applied learning project. Kelli Quist, a current health fitness specialist student, set out to create business pages on various social media platforms using some of the skill sets she developed in business instructor, Jena Klein’s, professional communications class.

Kelli Quist uses her communication and marketing skills to showcase special events at Vic’s Bar & Grill, as a part of her applied learning project.

Using skills from class, Kelli set out to help re-brand a local watering hole located in Victoria, Minn., that has been in business for over 40 years. The bar itself recently underwent several changes from a remodeled space to new ownership, and Kelli was able to recognize an opportunity to breathe new life into the business, using social media to spread the word.

Kelli says she sat down with Vic’s Bar and Grill owner, Paul Carlson, to discuss some ways the bar could market itself and all of the new improvements. Paul and Kelli finally settled on the idea of using three of the major social media sites—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—to promote the bar’s events, food and daily specials. Kelli also determined that using the social media accounts would allow for the customers to see and share their own experiences within the bar itself.

After deciding which social media outlets the bar would use, Kelli and Paul established some goals to help monitor whether their efforts were working or not. Kelli began attending the bar’s special events such as fundraisers and special appearances by the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders and then began uploading the photos. During one of the fundraisers she attended, Kelli said “It was such a huge success, and the family utilized Facebook to thank the owner for everything. It proved to us how powerful social media can be.”

Kelli also used the social media sites to showcase features many patrons may not have previously known about, such as a reception hall.

Some of the skills Kelli says she learned in her professional communications class came in handy too, “I really had to be flexible with my ideas and actively listen to what the owner wanted to make sure I was delivering what he intended.”

When it came time to wrap up the project, Kelli stated she was glad she had an opportunity to apply her learning in a real business setting. She said it forced her step outside her comfort zone and tap skills she had not previously thought of as business related. Kelli also went on to say that the bar’s owner was so impressed with Kelli’s work, that he offered her a paid position as the resident internet marketing expert. Kelli says she hopes to continue working with Vic’s Bar and Grill for the foreseeable future.