Students are “Fired Up” about Service-Learning Project

Two students from the SS103 Global Citizenship class are “fired Up” about helping their local fire department. Two students have chosen to spend their Service-Learning  hours helping the Chippewa Falls Fire Department.  Mitch Larson and Shayna McIlquham will be assisting in regular maintenance at the fire station to show their appreciation for the service of the fire fighters. The students will be cleaning the CPR mannequins, washing the fire trucks and ambulances, cleaning  the Red Cross Disaster Response Vehicle, cleaning and painting the living quarters at the fire station, and possibly painting fire hydrants.

Shayna McILquham commented on her purpose and enthusiasm for the project.  She states, “These people are the ones in the ambulances and fire trucks running around town.  They maintain the city and the citizen’s well-being.”

Her partner on the project, Mitch Larson, commented on the special awareness they must have throughout the project. “We need to be aware of the urgency of their situation. If they get a call, we have to get out of their way.  We will always have to be on our toes.”