Students Create a Digital Technique That Works!

Cathie Morrow, DVM, resident veterinarian at Globe University took her  VT181 Imaging class to Mondovi Veterinary Service to create a technique chart for a new digital x-ray machine. Mondovi Veterinary Service recently purchased a new digital x-ray machine. The technique chart was not working well. The students were given the opportunity to assist the clinic by creating  a technique chart that works!

The students met many course objectives through the hands-on experience. The students  began by taking abdominal x-rays, practicing proper positioning on animals during the x-ray, and  had an opportunity to experience working with the new digital x-ray machine.  The students are excited to share the technique charts with the clinic when completed.

The new digital x-ray machine will reduce the amount of radiation that staff and pets need to be exposed to in order to get a good image. The clinic will benefit from the technique charts the students produce.

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