Students Create PSA Videos with iMovie

Students in Jolyn Helgeson’s Applied Ethics class created public service announcement (PSA) videos for their applied learning project. Kayla Taddy, a medical assistant student, created her PSA on why you should get your children vaccinated. Kayla shared that it was fun to play around with the iPad®, and she really enjoyed the project. Why did she chose this particular topic?

“My oldest never got the flu shot and ended up in the hospital for a week because he wasn’t vaccinated. So you live and learn,” Kayla said.

Kayla also shared that she uses iMovie for both her personal and professional life because the technology captures the audience’s attention better. “It’s easy to get your point across in a different way. You can have music, different pictures and facts and people will listen to that more,” Kayla shared.

Check out Kayla’s PSA video below:

“It was really fun to see the students use the iPad to create their PSA videos in iMovie.  A lot of them had never used iMovie before and were really excited to know how to now. It was interesting to view all of the videos in class and see the variety of topics and styles of creating the videos. I was really surprised to see how wonderful they turned out,” Jolyn Helgeson, instructor, said.

1. Why was this applied learning project important, and what did students take away?

The students were able to pick an ethical topic in their program to create and awareness video. I think the students took away a more in-depth knowledge of their ethical issue as well as the ability to use a new app.

2. What was your favorite part of this project?

My favorite part was watching the process of the videos being made, and then watching the final products as a class.

3. What skills did this project demonstrate or teach students?

This project helped the students identify an ethical issue within their program and be able to advocate for that issue through video. They also were able to use technology to convey their message to the audience in an interesting way.

4. How could they apply this to their lives both personally and professionally?

Personally, I think that the class learned a lot about the different issues represented since we have a mix of programs in this class. Each student hopefully will be able to advocate for their ethical issue more eloquently. I also think that many of the students are now not scared to make a video in iMovie and will make them in the future in their personal and professional careers.