Students lay the groundwork for Peace House Africa benefit concert

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In partnership with Peace House Africa, graduate students in the MG576 Applications of Project Management course laid the groundwork for a benefit concert by planning the main aspects of any event – starting with a broad timeline and working their way down to details such as venue, preliminary costs and marketing strategy.

Peace House Africa is an organization in Tanzania that works to provide primary (and soon to be secondary) education for the population in Tanzania, as children in Tanzania often do not have the opportunity to attend school until the age of 15. By partnering with this organization, students at Globe University are encouraging education for people in other parts of the world through raising funds for the organization via a benefit concert.

By analyzing the mission of Peace House Africa, the students were able to create the plan for a benefit that fits closely with the mission and vision of the organization. For a venue, they proposed holding the event at the Cedar Cultural Center, a great site that fits well with the overall event framework created by the class.

Through defining their goals and objectives, the students were able to identify tasks that need to be completed going forward, potentially by future graduate courses at Globe University. By laying the groundwork and identifying the beginning phase of a marketing plan, they were able to complete the quarter with a solid plan and timeline in place for the
event. The students identified the need for a website highlighting the event in order to reach their audience, monitor their online / offline presence within the community and jump start their marketing strategy.