Students Learn Pet First Aid in Applied Learning Opportunity

Vet Tech students at Globe University-Eau Claire got some “first-hand” training in Pet First Aid while applying the skills they learned in class.  The students of Laurel Bird presented information on emergency bandaging and restraint techniques to people who registered for the Red Cross Pet First Aid Certification course taught by Dr. Pam Ogden.  The students demonstrated techniques in front of the group and then moved to a lab where they worked one-on-one with participants to apply the techniques demonstrated.

Laurel Bird, Instructor at Globe University and Certified Veterinarian Technician and Specialist at Braaken Veterinarian for over 20 years, led the students along with Dr. Pam Ogden of Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital in Eau Claire.  Laurel noted that the project required “a solid knowledge of a skill to be able to teach others.  It gave students a chance to present information and teach others as they will do when in a clinic setting.”

Students appreciate the hands on learning opportunities that are provided in the Applied Learning classes at Globe University such as this.  Dr. Ogden was very appreciative of the students efforts.  The students were very well received by the participants in the certification course.  This Red Cross Pet First Aid course is a great example of how students, community, local business associates, and even pets benefit from Applied Learning experiences.