Students Try Their Hand at Drafting Sample Legal Contracts

Contracts students worked with the Hughes Foundation, Inc. to create sample legal documents

The students in the Globe University-Minneapolis Campus’ Contracts class have a lot
to be proud of.  In the spirit of service learning, four students; Tania, Alexander, Dawn and Henry, utilized what they learned over the quarter by creating sample legal contracts for The Hughes Foundation,Inc.,  a local non-profit organization.

Mr. Jerry Hughes, Founder and Executive Director of the Hughes Foundation, shared
his story and vision during one of the classes. He emphasized his desire to help
more people learn to “Live the Positive Life,” which has become his passion since he was diagnosed with HIV on April 14, 2004. From that moment, Mr. Hughes has expended countless hours and energy by sharing his story with all who will hear it. In doing so, he decided to begin focusing his efforts on his biggest talent – motivational speaking.

Mr. Hughes has decided to get out on the global/national speaking circuit in order to spread his message of hope and Globe University students willingly agreed to help him get there. The students were asked to create a sample volunteer liability waiver, a speaking contract and a non-disclosure agreement.  It was exciting to see the students considering the various issues that could arise in absence of a contractual agreement. It was even more exciting to hear them discussing contract issues such as liability, breach of contract and damages.

As a result, the students created four sample contracts for the Hughes Foundation to use as a guide when creating legal forms for the organization in the future. One of the students, Dawn, stated, “I am now interested in going into contract law. It seems that I have a knack for looking at contracts and creating the clauses that apply to them. It was easier than I thought.” Dawn expressed that as a direct result of the service learning project, she is now interested in going into contract law in the future.

The students worked diligently as a team to provide the Hughes Foundation, Inc., a starting point for its legal document library.  It is our hope that Mr. Hughes finds value in the documents created by the students and that the success of his organization far exceeds its mission.