The Clean Team: GU-Wausau and Boys and Girls Club team up and bring fun, dynamic learning to the MA Lab.

Students jump in to a dynamic college classroom for a look at what applied learning is all about!

Students from the D.C. Everest Boys and Girls Blub visited GU-Wausau last week  for a hands-on learning experience!  After learning more about Globe University, learning, and scholarship opportunities for students, the Club took a tour of GU-Wausau’s Campus.

The “real fun” started when Kerry Miller-Mouzon, Medical Assisting Faculty took the students to the Medical Assisting Lab where the students did the “glow germ activity”!  Students covered their hands in a solution, then  Miller-Mouzon used a black light that identified “germs” on students hands- pre and post hand washing!  They then swabbed their “germs” and  looked at several slides under a microscope.

“We look forward to investing in successful, hands-on learning experiences that set the youth in our community up for success both in and out of the classroom.  This opportunity to invest in the local  Boys and Girls club is one that we look forward to continuing and building!”

~ Dan Lee, High School Admissions Representative

Dan looks forward to meeting and talking with local youth about their future education opportunities and successes!  Contact him at: