They’re not Kidding Around! Vet Tech Students get hands-on Experience at Local Goat Farm

Globe University La Crosse students from the Vet Tech club SCNAVTA recently went on a field trip to help out at the Proksch/Hass Goat Farm in Genoa, WI.

While at the farm, students assisted by cleaning pens and prepping them for new baby goats, moving baby goats into pens, bottle feeding baby goats, as well as observing and assisting in the milking process.

Helpers pose with baby goats

The volunteers take a break from helping to pose with baby goats

“We do not house large animals on campus, so we are always trying to find ways to get our students more interaction with them,” said Amy Stinson, program chair for the vet tech program and SCNAVTA advisor. “Dr. Hass’s son and daughter in-law own the goat farm and it is a perfect opportunity for our students to get more hands on skills with goats as well as a behind the scenes look at how a goat milking farm operates.” Dr. Elayne Hass is a veterinary technology instructor at the La Crosse campus.

“I don’t have much farm experience so it is a good opportunity to get some,” said vet tech student June Lewandoski. She good- heartedly noted that taking care of the goats and cleaning their pens was “good exercise!”

“The students learned the amount of hard work it takes to care for these animals. We were able to help so much in the five hours that we were there. That would have taken much longer with one or two people,” Amy Stinson said of the experience. “This was very rewarding for everyone.”

“I learned a lot about goat breeds and care,” Melissa Papantonatos, a new vet tech student said. “It was really fun and I can’t wait to go again!”

When questioned on whether the students would have the chance to volunteer at the Proksch/Hass Goat Farm again, Amy Stinson replied, “Most definitely!”