Three Classes at GU-Appleton Team Up to Help New London Cattle Company

Students from three Globe University-Appleton classes are teaming up and working hard this quarter to help a local small business build their presence on the internet. The Small Business Management and Internet Marketing classes, led by Business Chair Alisa Disalvo, as well as the Applied Ethics class, led by Service Learning Coordinator Amanda Loewen, are working with Duch Cattle Company to update their Facebook page and company website.


Students in three classes are helping the Duch Cattle Company with their internet presence.

The Internet Marketing Class is responsible for building awareness on Facebook and social media. The Small Business Management class is working on the company’s website. Meanwhile, the Applied Ethics class is assisting the company with its educational section of the website, helping them showcase their knowledge of the ethical treatment of the cattle and providing ethical blogging education. The Duch Cattle Company is a family-run business that raises and sells show cattle. Buyers of these cattle typically go to show the cattle in 4-H shows and other competitions.

The Duch Cattle Company is based in rural New London, WI, where location can be construed as a negative factor of their company. Buyers of cattle usually go to multiple sites in a day to buy cattle, however, the location of the Duch Cattle Company makes it hard to accomplish this for buyers. There are not a lot of other farms around for buyers to make the trip to the company, therefore internet presence is very important for them. They want the opportunity to sell their cattle online so buyers don’t have to physically drive to the location before buying.

Fortunately, the classes all meet at the same time, so it was easy to get together to work on this project. Internet marketing student, Jenni Eisch, was thrilled to be able to work with the other classes to help with a local business.

“It was a really fun project!  We were able to guide an old business into new media directions and have a real impact on the company growth,” she says.

Business Chair Alisa Disalvo also saw a great opportunity for different classes to work together, getting multiple perspectives on one unified project.

“By encouraging students to utilize what they have learned in the Internet Marketing and Small Business Management they were able to assist a small agricultural business expand into social media.”

The combined classes will be presenting their project to the owners of the Duch Cattle Company during finals week.