Two Schools, One Message

Globe University and IPR students create PSA to generate depression knowledge in the community

Students at Globe University-Minneapolis and the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR), also in Minneapolis, joined forces to relay information to the public regarding depression. The Globe University students created a script about dealing with depression, and the IPR students helped record the message via radio. The two schools collaborated on one project to maximize the available resources.

The purpose of the public service announcement was to spread awareness about depression in the community. According the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated one in four American adults suffer from a diagnosed mental disorder in a given year*. The students felt it was necessary to teach others about depression awareness due to these alarming statistics.

Antonio Thomas, a Globe University student, said, “This experience will help me by realizing that part of my journey towards success is also knowing that during that road I have to always give back to my community and help others who are less fortunate than me.”

Students from both campuses found this project challenging and rewarding. Globe University student David Dean said, “I think that this project will help me in my future career because it helped me build the skills needed to be able to work effectively and efficiently within a group.”