Vet Tech Program Supports International Spay and Neuter Clinic

Vet tech degree students from Globe University-Eau Claire participated in a Pet Wellness Day recently. Globe University-Eau Claire opened its doors to the community on Saturday, June 8 to provide education for pet owners and free veterinary care for the dogs and cats of Roatan, an island located north of the Honduras, Central  America.

vet tech programThe day included the following topics:

  • Pet First Aid 100: What is normal? What do I do when it is not normal? Contents of a cat/dog first aid kit.
  • Pet First Aid 101: Restraint and Bandaging Techniques
  • Pet First Aid 102: CPR for Cats and Dogs, Heimlich for Pets
  • Pet First Aid 103: The ABC’s of Dog and Cat Emergencies 
  • Feline Nutrition: Why are there so many fat cats?
  • Ask the Veterinarian: Open Forum for All Your General Questions

The vet tech students partnered with Dr. Pam Ogden from Oakwood Hills Veterinary Hospital in Eau Claire. The students assisted in the restraint and bandaging technique session applying the skills they learned in class to assist the participants from the community.

The suggested donations of $5 per session or $20 for the entire series will be used to offset the expenses for Dr. Bohacek and Dr. Leavitt, three technicians and two assistants from Oakwood Hills Veterinary Clinic to travel to Roatan in October of 2013.  

The team will perform spay/neuter procedures on the cats and dogs in Roatan to cut down on stray animal numbers in this economically depressed area. The team will also work to raise awareness of the benefits and importance of spaying/neutering their pets.    

This medical mission is made possible by generous donations. Globe University-Eau Claire vet tech students were pleased to be part of an international mission.