Vet Tech Students Assist a Spay Neuter Clinic on Wheels

Students spend day assisting veterinarians at Minnesota
Spay Neuter Assistance Program (MN SNAP)

Globe University-Woodbury veterinary technology students
traveled to MN SNAP to aid the veterinary staff in a variety of tasks. MN SNAP
is a local spay neuter veterinary clinic on wheels delivering low-cost,
high-quality spay and neuter surgeries for animals belonging to local shelters,
rescues and low-income pet owners.

The tasks the students had the opportunity to do were all
considered vital in order for a high volume spay and neuter operation to run
efficiently. Some of the tasks the students assisted in included:

  • Cut and fold disposable drape
  • Walk dogs
  • Make packets of pain medication for dogs
  • Make client call-backs
  • Help with cleaning instruments and packing surgery packs
  • Maintain sanitation of housing and treatment areas
  • Transport animals to & from the truck
  • Obtain and communicate vital signs

“The students were very enthusiastic and diligent about
their work,” said Dr. Sue Spence from MN SNAP. “We would love to work with them
again in the future.”