Vet Tech Students Get Hands-On Experience Through Spay Days

As retired Price is Right host Bob Barker always said, “Help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered.” Students in the veterinary technology program at Globe University–Madison East understand the importance of that statement, and thanks to spay days on campus, they understand everything that goes into a spaying animals.

Last year Globe University–Madison East partnered with Little Orphan Animal Rescue in Montello, Wis., to help spay and neuter cats. Little Orphan’s is a no-kill rescue which provides love, shelter, food, companionship and medical care until permanent placement is secured into a pre-screened loving home.

veterinary technology, neuter

Veterinary technology student, Samantha Sutor, obtains vitals while a cat is anesthetized prior to the neuter

To date, Globe University has partnered with Little Orphan’s on six spay days with another one scheduled in a few weeks.

Students from the surgery and anesthesia classes are invited to volunteer to attend the spay days. The spay days give students an opportunity to practice the skills they have been learning in class. Each student is assigned an animal and stay with that animal from start to finish. Some of the things they perform are:

  • Obtain vitals and get a weight
  • Draw blood for pre-anesthetic blood work
  • Accurately pull up anesthetic drugs
  • Pre-medicate the animals
  • Place IV catheter
  • Intubate
  • Clip and prep surgical patient
  • Monitor anesthesia
  • Recover surgical patients
  • Vaccinate and microchip
veterinary technology

Resident Veterinarian Dr. Jordan performs a spay while student Marie O’Dell (left) observes the surgery while also monitoring anesthesia

“It was a great opportunity to get more practice, advice and guidance on skills and personal performance,” said vet tech student, Julia Rodenberg.

“If I wasn’t sure if I was doing something correctly there was an instructor right there to walk me through it. The instructors were all very patient, encouraging and helpful. The whole experience left me feeling a lot more confident in myself and my skills as future vet tech,” Julia said.

Veterinary technology student, Samantha Sutor, also enjoys helping with the spay days saying, “I’ve done four spay days now, and I absolutely love them. They are not only a huge learning experience for those who want to go into day practice, but they also help Little Orphan Animal Rescue have an easier time adopting out their kittens. I’ve learned a lot in class, but I learn more by doing, and during spay day, you get to do just about everything!”