Vet Tech Students Host Animal Care Clinic for Habitat for Humanity Clients

April Ember and Maddy McGann discuss choosing a breed.

Deciding to get a pet can be a difficult decision for many.  There are a lot of factors to consider.  Can you afford a pet?  Will you have time to take care of a pet?  What type of pet would suit your lifestyle best?  Madison East Veterinary Technology students in VT 105 Introduction to Veterinary Technology wanted to help others answer these questions.  Throughout the quarter, the VT 105 class developed an Animal Care/Ownership Clinic for Habitat for Humanity clients.

Deidra Payne and Sara Kimball present on the differences in pet food.

On Saturday, December 10th, the class hosted the animal care clinic at the Habitat for Humanity office and presented to seven Habitat for Humanity families.  Students shared information on choosing a pet based on type of home, family, and activity level.  They discussed the care of cats, dogs, rabbits, and exotic animals such as hedgehogs, snakes, and birds.  The students even broke down the first year costs of owning a dog versus a cat.  After the presentations the students set up various pet stations with the animals including a dog, cat, snake, and hedgehog.  Families were able to walk around the room and interact with the various pets and ask questions.

This is the second quarter a Globe University Veterinary Technology class has presented a clinic like this.  The response from the last clinic was so strong, Habitat for Humanity asked that we continue.  Habitat for Humanity Americorps VISTA, Danielle Scott, said, “The pet care class was great for homeowners to get a better understanding of how new pets can affect their time, wallets, and especially their new home.  There was tons of information to take away for adults regarding cost and upkeep, while kids got a chance to pet some animals.”

Emma Trainor holds her pet hedgehog.