Vet Techs at Eau Claire Campus Host Spay and Neuter Day

The veterinary technology program at the Eau Claire campus is known for helping out. They are always giving of their time and efforts. Recently, the department came together to help out both the Rusk County Animal Shelter and Bob’s House for Dogs. Students and faculty volunteered their time and skills to offer spays, neuters and dental cleaning to animals from these facilities.  The department’s willingness to donate their time and skills is what makes these events special.

sugery prep cropped

Vet Tech students Maddie Wagner and Allie Saiko help assist with the pre-op care of a patient.

Both surgery days were an entire team effort as instructors and students worked side by side. Everybody had a job to do, and they did it well. Students near the end of the program helped with pre-op care; newer students assisted with restraints and TPR’s (temp, pulse, and respirations); and students from the small animal disease course examined the animals and assisted with the recovery.

Dr. Margaret McDougall was inspired by the more-experienced students as they took take charge in preparation for surgery.

“It was great to see the newer students watch the veteran students,” she said. “It showed the newer students what they are capable of as later on in the program.”

surgery photo portrait cropped

Students observe Dr. Margaret McDougall during surgery

Dani Graham, program chair of the veterinary technology program, really enjoyed the day. She said she liked seeing her students get the opportunity to use their skills.

“The event went really well. It was good to see the students be so efficient in a fast-paced environment,” Dani added that events like these simulate actual clinic scenarios and are great for all students.

Maddie Wagner, a vet tech student, also liked how the event simulated the pace of a clinic. She said it helped her work on her time management and prepared her for her future job.

Overall, both days were such a great opportunity for all those that participated. The students learned a great deal from the experience. The efforts of the entire department helped benefit both organizations and improve the health of the animals.

group photo cropped

The entire team celebrates a successful day at the first event in April!









Spay and neuter day June

The June team poses for a quick celebratory photo after their second successful event!