Veterinary Technology Students Learn by Volunteering at Local Shelter

Students collaborate with rescue organization to care for pets

Veterinary technology students at Globe University-Madison East have an opportunity to serve on the front lines of animal rescue by pitching in at Shelter from the Storm, a local shelter and veterinary clinic.

In the classroom, students learn in a mini-clinic setting, which includes a surgery suite and laboratory. Every Tuesday, Shelter from the Storm delivers two cats and two dogs for the students to care for under instructor supervision. Activities include blood draws, lab work, vaccinations, grooming, nail trims or ear cleaning. The students gain valuable experience with animals in a controlled environment, while the shelter gets to have four pets cared for each week.

Students also volunteer at the shelter with dog walking, cleaning and other chores. Some students also help at the spay and neuter clinic.

Allison Davies, director of the shelter, said the students provide valued assistance. “We have once-a-week clinics where we provide vaccines, flea and heartworm medications and nail trims for our shelter animals,” she said. “They help us out with that. If they are more experienced or farther along in their education they help out with other things. It’s been really great to have them around to help out.”

Added Davies, “Most of our clients [at the clinic] are low income. They want to provide the best that they can for their animals and don’t necessarily have the resources to do it. I think working in a clinic or a shelter, even for a short time, helps students build that sense of compassion.”