Veterinary Technology Students Receive Hands-On Experience with Your Pet Stop

Each quarter, a group of new students join the veterinary technology program at Globe University-Sioux Falls. These students are eager to receive hands-on training in their field and develop skills they will take in to the workplace. It is an exciting time for instructors and students alike.

Veterinary technology students at Your Pet Stop nail-trimming clinic

Recently, Resident Veterinarian Dr. Edward Kreider took thirteen students from his Introduction to Veterinary Technology class to Your Pet Stop in Sioux Falls for two hours. The trip, a nail-trimming clinic, was to fulfill the applied learning project in the class. The group trimmed nails for 20 dogs while at Your Pet Stop, and some customers even brought more than one dog to be worked on.

Applied learning plays a large role in the veterinary technology program, as students need hands-on training to improve their skills. In addition to information gained in the classroom, the students are able to apply what they’re learned to a real-world situation. As noted by instructors, the competency and confidence levels of the students soar after completing applied learning projects.

Veterinary technology students at Your Pet Stop nail-trimming clinic.

“Your Pet Stop is a regular applied learning project site for our class. We are always welcome to come and as a valued community partner, we appreciate their continued support of our program and our students. In addition to our students getting this opportunity, it allows Your Pet Stop the opportunity to market their products to owners while we do their animal’s trims. It’s a win-win! The students are usually a little hesitant and nervous at first, but when the project is completed, nine out of ten students say they’d gladly do it again,” said Dr. Kreider.

“It was definitely a learning experience for all of us. And I think we all had fun with it, too! It was great to help those animals and their owners. I can’t wait to do something like that again!” said Shain Bohl, veterinary technology student.

“Pressure only makes you fight harder. ​I learned how much pressure you are under when you are trimming nails and the owner is watching your every move. This is important, though, because we are going to encounter many stressful situations in our careers as vet techs,” said Sommer Williams, veterinary technology student.