Water: The Best Drink in the World!

So if you have ever met me, been taught by me or received a massage from me, one thing
you will know about me is I am a bit of a water fanatic. It is all about staying hydrated. I truly believe a person will feel even more amazing if they drink enough water daily. Our bodies are about 60% water. That means if you are 150 pounds, 90 pounds of you is water. That is pretty intense. So when we lack water in our body, we just don’t function as well.
How you ask? Well I am about to tell you!
Water keeps our brain sharp, our mood even, and our motivation up. Your neurons in your
brain shrink when you are thirsty. It can just be plain distracting when you are thirsty. So grab a glass of water.

Water with fresh fruit

You lips and throat stay moist when you are well hydrated which will keep dry mouth at bay. Dry mouth can cause icky breath and a yucky taste in your mouth. So take a sip of that water, and  put a straw in it to make your water more festive.
Your blood volume is lower when you do not drink enough water therefore your heart has to work harder. Exercise becomes more difficult and well then you feel sluggish. Take that water add a piece of fresh lemon or lime.  Wow, now it is not so plain and you still are hydrating.
Water helps your joints stay lubricated, so you move better. The water is important both inside and outside your muscles to help to move waste products. Drink that water! Maybe add some fresh mint.
Less water in your body causes less elasticity in your skin and it doesn’t look as supple.
Mmmm, water! Wait let’s put the water in a fun glass! I think it just made it taste better!
Our kidneys need water to filter waste from the blood. Being well hydrated may keep a urinary tract infection at bay.
Thinking about that, want your water to have color? Add a shot of cherry, or cranberry juice. Drink up!
Basically, what I am trying to say water is wicked good for the body!
I know water can help a headache go away, give me energy, and stop muscles from aching.
It just makes me happy and gives me the punch I need to make it through the afternoon slump.
Go drink your delicious water and feel your body function better.

Lemon and mint to add fun and flavor to water

Listen to your massage therapist when she says to stay hydrated.
Water really IS the best drink in the world!