We ‘Heart’ WLUK: Employee Wellness Day Massages Draw Rave Reviews

massage therapy program

Dani Mortenson (left), Massage Instructor, and Suzette Plemel, Massage Therapy Program Chair, “heart” WLUK.

Students provide massages for WLUK Employee Wellness Day

Massage students from Globe University-Green Bay had an exciting hands-on opportunity to participate in WLUK’s employee wellness day, providing more than 50 rejuvenating chair massages to very appreciative employees.

Terry Bies, WLUK’s business administrator, arranged with Suzette Plemel, our massage program chair, to partner together to help provide massage hours for students while also providing a great stress relief benefit for WLUK employees.

Bies stated, “When employees heard that Globe [students] were coming back, they were so excited and couldn’t wait!”

Bies and Plemel have formed a partnership between WLUK and Globe University-Green Bay so that massage students on a monthly basis will get to visit the station and provide massages for employee wellness events.

Here’s what some of the WLUK employees had to say about the massages:

  • Pete Petoniak was one of the first employees to get a massage. Petoniak shared, “It was the first massage in ten years and it hurt at times, but was very relaxing.”
  • “Globe is a hidden secret.”
  • “I want this to last forever.”
  • “I feel like a noodle.”

A Student Perspective

Massage student Kyle Parm volunteered to participate in this event. This was Kyle’s first community event and he felt that he was able to experience a different venue with new clients and apply his coursework through the employee wellness event.

The Value of Massage & Employee Wellness

massage therapy programSuzette Plemel truly believes in the benefits of massage as it “helps relieve stress, improves posture and increases circulation,” she said.

Terry Bies is on a mission to get involved with employee wellness to provide for stress and health benefits for employees and to help save costs for the business.

Through this partnership, students will get a one-of-a-kind experience by getting to go behind the scenes at the station and network with some big names in the community, while also learning proper techniques and client communication skills.