What Can Raindrop Therapy Do for You?

By Robin Rinehart, Massage Therapy Program Chair

Trina Cone and current student Shareen Washington explore Raindrop Therapy

Trina Cone returned to Room 207 on Nov. 7. She returned not as a student in massage therapy, but to demonstrate raindrop therapy to the Hot Stone/Spa Techniques class at Globe University-Madison East.

Trina graduated with her associates degree in massage therapy in October 2012. Globe University accepted her VA benefits. She loved going to school at Globe University specifically for the personal attention. She knew she was not a number but a person, not only to her instructors but to everyone who works at Globe University. This made it easier for her to be away from her family. 

During her time in school she only missed three days of class and graduated with honors. This is an amazing feat for a single mom with two teenage boys! Today, she continues to work at Bellasazi in Janesville, Wis., where she can incorporate raindrop therapy into massage sessions.

Today she came into share her knowledge and demonstrate Raindrop Therapy to the class. 

Raindrop therapy is a technique that stimulates the spine through drops of specific essential oils. The oils are dropped about 6 inches from the spine simulating the feel of raindrops. The oils are also applied along the spine reflex on the bottom of the foot. It is thought the oils interact with a person’s electrical field even before penetrating the skin.  Raindrop therapy is a gentle technique with many benefits. 

Benefits of Raindrop therapy:

  • Balance and re-align the spine – the energy centers of the body
  • Re-aligns the spine with no manual manipulation
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Decreases inflammation in the body
  • Creates a hostile environment for viruses and bacteria
  • Emotional well-being and release
  • Assists in detoxing the body
  • May increase height

The session began with Trina measuring Laura, her demonstration model, and recording her height on a piece of paper. Laura then laid face up on the table. Trina began with the right foot. She applied the essential oils: Valor, oregano, thyme, basil, cypress, wintergreen, marjoram and peppermint on the spine reflex in this specific order. Then she moved to the left foot. As this was happening, Laura stated she could taste some of the essential oils. She was also feeling tingly in her neck. 

After finishing the feet, Trina did specific neck stretches to Laura.  Then it was time to turn over the client.  This time the oils were dropped along the spine in the same order.  In between each of the oils, there was a specific massage technique which the Trina performed to help the oil penetrate into the spine.  A hot compress followed the oils to assist more with the penetration of oils into the spine. It was kept on for about 10 minutes. During this time, Laura had intense tingling on her neck. To calm this down Trina massaged a bit of Lavender oil into Laura’s neck. 

Once the session ended Trina re-measured Laura. She was about ¼ inch taller! Laura also had greater range of motion in her neck.  Those are some pretty significant results in one session.

Observing this demonstration made me and the entire class want to learn more about the technique and the results it can have on different pathologies!  The combination of raindrop therapy and bodywork seems to have some great results.  Next time you are booking a massage or looking for continuing education, you may want to think about raindrop therapy.