What Makes a Good Citizen?

Globe University

Globe University students and Girl Scouts from the Daisy Troop work on a project for the Salvation Army.

Do you know what makes a good citizen? There are many ways to define it, but some Globe University students are proving their good citizenship by helping others in more ways than one.

Students at the Appleton, Wis. campus of Globe University received some help from some of our most engaged young citizens during a recent applied learning project on campus. Girls from the Daisy Girl Scouts Troop visited campus to participate in an event that would teach them the responsibilities of an actively engaged citizen — all while benefiting the Salvation Army.

The project, completed near the Thanksgiving holiday, involved creating hand-print turkey centerpieces for the Salvation Army’s noon meal program. These centerpieces are a welcome addition to the meal program and would help give smiles to the hundreds of people that participate in the program. The project also allowed for the Girl Scouts and the adult college students to reflect on what they were thankful for.

In completing the service learning project at Globe University, students were able to develop an understanding of local community needs and participate in a service to the community. Additionally, Globe University students and the Girl Scouts were both able to understand responsible citizenship and work together as a team to accomplish a common goal – some of the key traits in being a good citizen.

Globe University

A finished product to be displayed at the Salvation Army during their meal program.

Globe University Service Learning Coordinator Amanda Loewen noted that it was easy to see different dynamics between the adult students and the Girl Scouts. “Some students were leaders when working with the children, and some were a little more apprehensive,” Loewen said. “The end result was cute, though! Overall, I think that this activity provided a nice opportunity for the students to interact with each other outside of the classroom.”

At Globe University, our students often have a better sense of community and citizenship through their work with organizations in need during applied learning projects. Have you done anything  lately that has helped you become a more engaged citizen?