Who Wants a Job? Career Class Gets Prepared with Mock Interviews

job interview tips, globe universityThe Career Capstone class at Globe University-Minneapolis got some first-hand experience from the experts on how to ace an interview.

Lee and Kathy Rainey, founders of C-Level Consulting Services, an executive coaching firm, put the students through some hard-core mock interviews to teach them the art of the interview. Even though job interviews probably are not on your list of favorite things to do, you can’t escape them. Not only are interviews a requirement for most jobs, learning how to do them well can land you your dream job.

Kathy, Vice President of C-Level Consulting, worked in human resources for a large telecommunications company for many years and Lee was a human resource consultant for Target Corporation.

These human resource gurus put the students through some mock interviews that took the fear right out of interviewing. Each student entered the conference room and was analyzed on that simple, yet very important, handshake along with their body language and flow of their interview responses.

The students learned key elements to the interview process and how to answer some of those challenging trick questions such as, “What didn’t you like about your last boss?”  or, “What are your strengths?” without sounding arrogant or insecure.

These mock interviews brought out the confidence in all of the students. One student said with a glowing smile, “I never knew all that I had to offer a company until these mock interviews.”

In addition to the mock interviews, students also learned how to fine-tune their resumes and the extreme importance of a perfected LinkedIn page. Some students landed their first-ever interviews shortly after and were well prepared since being equipped by the Career Capstone class.