Why 50 Furry Friends Got their Nails Done

Students earning their veterinary technology degrees at Globe University joined Your Pet Stop for a service learning project.  What is service learning you may be asking yourself?  It is learning that applies knowledge obtained in the classroom to real life situations and settings.

vet tech programService learning is a key part of the education that the students receive in the veterinary technology degree program. Student Amanda Thole says, “service learning is beneficial to you because it enhances your communications skills, problem solving skills, work ethic, and many other skills that you will need to make yourself successful.”

The vet tech students have several service learning projects that they partake in throughout the eight quarters that it takes to complete the vet tech program. Having the students complete the service learning projects allows them to get out in the community and provide needed services for animals and the people that are unable to complete some of the tasks themselves.

While at both Your Pet Stop locations (41st street location and the 26th and Marion location) the students provided free nail trims and dental exams for the patients that came through the door.  The project was part of their Applications of Veterinary Clinical skills class.

Vet tech student Amy Tucker says, “Each animal has unique qualities and personalities, and I enjoy getting to know them, but I also like the fact that this experience is helping me learn how to deal with all different kinds of animal situations.”

While providing the free nail trims and dental checks the students are able to apply some of their skills that they have been taught since the first quarter of the program to the most recent quarter that covers dental exams.

veterinary technology degreeNot only do the students get a chance to work on their skills, they also get a chance to work on their communication skills when talking with the customers.  Many times the customers are asking the students questions as they are trimming pets’ nails and doing the dental exam.  The questions  give students a chance to put their classroom knowledge to the test and educate the customer on what options they have.

It also gives the students a chance to put their client education skills to work which is a big part of a vet tech’s job.  “It is very rewarding to see the students faces light up when they are able to answer the questions that they are being asked due to the knowledge that they received through their education in the vet tech department,” says Amy Hettinga (CVT), vet tech instructor at Globe University,  Sioux Falls campus.

~submitted by Amy Hettinga, Veterinary Technology Instructor