Why Don’t You Donate Blood? Globe University-Green Bay Blood Drive Saves Lives

Did you know that this summer there is a major shortage of blood in Wisconsin? Globe University-Green Bay hosted its summer quarter blood drive attracting many students and community members to help give back and save lives at the same time!

Vet tech students donating for the first time, Janae Engels and Caitlin Dachelet

Ashley Scott, lead Global Citizenship instructor, facilitated and organized the drive working with student volunteers and the Northeast Wisconsin Chapter of the Red Cross.

A fun fact that I learned from the drive was that if you have vacationed in certain areas that are high risk (for example, certain spots in Mexico), you are not able to donate for at least a year.

It was great to see many of our students who were first-time donors giddy with nervousness and then inhaling treats afterwards. Veterinary technology students Janae Engels and Caitlin Dachelet were first-time donors and pretty excited about being able to give back.

I got to chat with a couple of vet tech students who were donating to hear about their experience.

Robin Hope, vet tech student, has donated three or four times in the last year. Why does she donate? “I am o negative, and I feel obligated,” Hope said, laughing.

When asked why it’s important to donate blood, Hope shared, “Each unit of blood can save up to seven lives. They do really need a lot of blood.”

Caitlin Dachelet, a vet tech student, shared that it was her first time donating. “I figured I’d do my good deed and help save lives,” Dachelet said.

Robin Hope, vet tech student, recommends drinking up before donating!

So how did she do?

“Feeling good. It actually wasn’t bad at all. I was surprised! It was a good experience, so don’t be afraid,” Dachelet said.

The blood drive not only provided an opportunity to donate blood, but also time. Several students in Nicole Virant’s Professional Communication class volunteered through an applied learning project which emphasized good customer service skills and great communication.

In total, there were 26 donors, but six deferrals that provided 20 pints of blood.

“The news article from today in the Press Gazette discusses the shortage of blood and the urgency for people to donate. I was so happy to see quite a few students donating for the first time, “Ashely Scott, blood drive organizer shared.