999 Men Follow Women – Celebrating Women’s History Month

women's history monthGroucho Marx once said, “Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men–the other 999 follow women.”

March welcomes the celebration of women in our nation. Here at Globe University-Sioux Falls, women make up the majority of our student body, specifically in health care career fields such as massage therapy, medical assisting and veterinary technology. In fact, 82 percent of our students in these programs are female. Women do not just fill seats in our classrooms or perform just their job in their careers–they are leaders.  An article published by Huffington Post, written by Renee Wilson captures how leadership comes naturally to women because, “Women know how to flex to meet the needs of their families, their careers and their communities.”

This is true for our students–the majority of our students work full-time, are raising families in a dual or single parent household in addition to taking classes.

Across the Globe University network of colleges, we have 25 campuses in five states serving our student body and our nation.  At the helm of 13 of these campuses are 13 women leading students’ educational journeys as campus directors. In addition, our Vice President, Kaye Myhre, and Chief Operating Officer, Jeanne Herrmann, are also both female.  Across our campuses we also have more than 50 percent of our leadership positions filled by women. This 50 percent is made of up women in roles such as director of career services, dean of students, dean of faculty, director of admissions, program chairs and community managers.  That is powerful—more than 100 women moving our university forward.

women's history month

Melanie Schopp, Campus Director

Here at the Globe University-Sioux Falls campus, we are pleased to have our female director, Melanie Schopp, mentoring our staff, faculty and students in addition to leading our campus and being active in the community.   To get an idea of just how important female leaders are, I reached out to some of our student body, staff and faculty to learn why they feel females in leadership are important or how a female leader influenced them. In honor of Women’s History Month, here are their responses:

Who is a woman leader who influenced you?

“My aunt influenced and inspired me to be a leader because she said ‘women can do anything they want to,’ and I live by that.” -Cathy Lentini, medical assistant student

“A past boss worked with me and explained the how and why behind things to me.  This helped me to feel part of the team and that she really wanted to help me grow.” -Chelsie Ver Mulm, veterinary technology student

“My wife, Lindsey Meyers, has influenced me because she is a constant problem solver. She has a unique ability to communicate with anyone and bring two different viewpoints together in collaboration.” Jay Meyers, dean of faculty

Why is it important for there to be women in leadership?

“Women think differently than men and our thoughts are needed!”-Cathy Lentini

“We are needed to set the men straight!” -Marti Pederson, veterinary technology student

“Women are better leaders than men because of biology—our brains are wired differently and women are circular thinkers versus men who are linear thinkers.” -Jay Meyerswomen's history month

If you are a woman at the height of your career or just starting out, remember you are powerful and you have great qualities.  Check out this list of the Top 7 Qualities of Women Leaders written by Ekaterina Walter of the Huffington Post.

Take the time to celebrate the women in your life, and to all the women out there, take a moment to pat yourself on the back–it is our time today and our time to shine–and to make women’s history.

Celebrate women!

By Melanie Schopp, Campus Director, Globe University-Sioux Falls