Books People Events or Other Career Influences

I had an interesting conversation this week with Dr. Carman Paulson, another of our “Fabulous Faculty” that I’m sure many of you will appreciate. Imagine yourself, having “gone down a path” that you know just isn’t right for you, and you’re ready to make a switch. Maybe you’re a Pony Express rider, and like me, you realize your heart just isn’t in it any more. So you decide to become a librarian and go to library school. (I’ll have been a librarian 156 years tomorrow, by the way).

Dr. Paulson was faced with a similar dilemma. She was ready to make a “career switch”, but it wasn’t a book, or even a person that helped her come to that decision; it was horses! I’ll let her finish the story.
“What made me decide on a career in veterinary medicine?

I had just finished my first year of college as an accounting major. It had been an interesting school year adjusting to living in the dorms, having roommates, classes filled with more students than my entire hometown combined, and juggling schoolwork with the hectic schedule of college rodeos. The year went well, but I was unsettled with some of my choices.

I remember sitting at home during summer break looking out the dining room window on my family’s farm. On the horizon of the pasture were a few mares and foals grazing. One of the foals got restless and started to play. Pretty soon he couldn’t help himself and took off running randomly with his mother nickering behind. It made me smile at how carefree and vigorous he was. I wanted to be the person to help keep him that happy and healthy his entire life. It was then that I decided to just go for it. I was going to switch my major to pre-veterinary medicine and do my best at getting accepted into veterinary school.”

What event or book or person influenced you the most to start your professional education or career?