The Giving Tree – Books That Influence You

Our Massage Therapy program instructors are an interesting lot. While they come from a variety of backgrounds, they all have some things in common; they are passionate about what they do, and they enjoy giving of themselves to help others feel better. Having “healing hands” comes to mind whenever I think about how to describe them.
The other day, I was visiting with Dr. Ben Oien, one of our Massage Therapy adjunct faculty. By the way, go introduce yourself if you’ve never met him. You’ll find he’s very interesting, great fun, and very passionate about what he does. He also has really “dexterous digits”; not only is he a faculty member here, he is also a Chiropractor here in town, and has his own business.

Anyhow, I asked him about the books that influenced him to become part of a “helping profession”, and his answer made me smile. Here’s why…

“How do you choose a favorite book? I think it depends on the stage of life you are at in that moment I have to thank Doug for allowing me to remember this book. Since I opened it up, I have read the book eight times in the last week and especially important to me, I have read it with my six year old son Tanner, every night before bed. This reminds me of the numerous times my mom read it to me before I went to bed as a young child. Mine is The Giving Tree. I haven’t read it

in many years but for some reason it just popped into my mind. What a simple book with such a great lesson in life.

This book reminds me of what to do on a daily basis. I give my time, my talents and my treasures to everyone I meet, whether it is in my office, on the street or in the classroom. I am very fond of “giving” to my students. I love to incorporate life lessons and clinical experience in the classroom. Many times we talk about how some ones thought/emotions can affect their health. “Giving”, whether it is, time, talent or treasures reminds me of saying from B.J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic,

“You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow”.
Give something to someone every day and remember it does not have to cost any money, a smile could be all it takes to change a person’s day”.

He feels so strongly about the potential that this book has for inspiring others, that he even donated a copy to the library! It’s on display. I’ve rarely seen a book that’s such a short read that will make you think so hard. Come up and have a look!

So what books influenced you in your present career choice?