Celebrate Good Times

The end of Spring 2012 quarter is almost over. Throughout this quarter there have been several great things happening at the Globe University Sioux Falls Campus. Each quarter GU-SF is very involved in our community as well as events happening on our campus.

Student groups have hosted several fundraisers throughout this quarter which have provided several meals for those here on campus. All of the fundraisers have provided support to several different organizations and events. The MAMAA’s have been raising money and awareness for the Compass Center and the National Kidney Foundations’ Kidney Walk which is June 23. Healing Hands have just started their student group and have been participating in fundraising as well as events; they will also be at the NKF Kidney Walk. DECCA has been raising funds by selling pizza and hosting pot lucks. SCNAVTA has been hosting several different fundraising events to help support local rescues. This quarter their efforts were focused on helping the Sioux Empire Pit Bull Rescue.

The students are not the only ones at GU-SF that have been busy this quarter; staff and faculty were also busy. Currently we are hosting fundraisers to help support the NKF Kidney Walk with events like Pajama Day and Jeans Week. Our next event will include fundraising for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk.

All this hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. GU-SF recognized our Essential Piece as well as our We Care Award winners. Essential Piece winners were Kayla Anderegg and Micah Hansen. Kayla was chosen as the essential piece for her hard work, dedication and attitude. Micah was chosen as the staff essential for his commitment to student success. The campus also recognized The Compass Center and Brent Ammann as the recipients of the We Care award for Spring 2012. The Compass Center was chosen for their involvement with projects on our campus and their continued partnership. Brent was chosen for is involvement and truly showing the We Care attitude here at GU. We have some great individuals at the GU-SF campus that truly impact our campus and community. Congratulations to everyone on a great quarter.