Class Moves from Globe Campus to Outdoor Campus

Globe University Business Writing students: Eric Tunge, Cody Glaser, and Liz Cassidy.

 It’s an “out in the field” lesson taken literally.  The Globe University Business Writing class moved from the Sioux Falls campus to the Game, Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus for a special day.

The Outdoor Campus’ mission is to provide education about outdoor skills, wildlife, conservation and management practices of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks. This year, officials took a leap in outdoor promotions and awareness by forming the first “Outdoor University Day.”  The event allowed the entire community to experience what the campus offers with the Try-It day theme. Families can get a chance to try archery, fishing, and canoeing to name a few.

Globe University students Liz Cassidy and Katherine Pilachowski interview Outdoor Campus University Day visitors

The event gave Globe University students the opportunity to analyze the day-from promotions to execution-to help event planners in the future.

“We interview people, learn what they liked and didn’t like and what to improve,” said Globe University student, Katherine Pilachowski.

“This allows students to know and learn about the audience, “said Business Writing instructor/General Education Coordinator, Ann Kolbrek. “They couldn’t get this in a classroom.”

Students will then complete a final written proposal and evaluate the event. They will collect all their data and present it to the Outdoor Campus.

“I think the event was a major success, not just for the Outdoor Campus, but for the Sioux Falls community in general who are now aware of the fabulous hidden gem in our city,” said Kolbrek. “I am so pleased how our students conducted themselves and gave back to the community.”