CollegeTest-Drive: These ‘Twins’ Provide a Look at Life After High School

Globe University-Sioux Falls

Kelli Meier and Lindsay Thomaschefsky, College Representatives

During a time of the year when we all try not to “catch anything,” no one can help catching the infectious laugh that lofts out of the admissions area at the Globe University-Sioux Falls campus.  Affectionately known as one of the “twins,” Kelli Meier infuses the campus with laughter and joy.  Sitting next to her is the other “twin” and her counterpart, Lindsay Thomaschefsky.  Together they make up the Sioux Falls college representative team.  Although starkly different in work styles and personality, they are both committed to our High School program and working with our area schools to provide solid, academically centered services to high school students.

The journey each took to arrive at Globe University-Sioux Falls, although vastly different,

Globe University-Sioux Falls

Kelli Meier, College Representative

helped to prepare each of them in different ways for what they are now doing.  Kelli hails from Minnesota and has previously worked as a hall director at a couple different colleges.

Kelli states, “Having previously worked with students during their first year of college, I heard many students talk about what they should have found out or asked when they were looking at schools.  With that knowledge, when I am in front of a class or working with a potential Globe student, I’m able to identify their wants and help them to open up their minds to see the things they may need in the future.  This allows me to better serve the classes I am presenting in and the students I am working with.”

Kelli has a passion for working with students and that shows each time she meets with a potential student or when she gets in front of a classroom.  Director of Admissions Charlie Buehler said, “Kelli is not afraid to challenge students about what they are really looking for.  She’s also not afraid to get the parents involved in the process.  Besides all of that, she also can walk into any room and instantly bring up the mood in it.  Teachers really do appreciate that.”

Globe University-Sioux Falls

Lindsay Thomaschefsky, College Representative

Lindsay’s work with young adults stems from another direction. She has worked with numerous youth groups over the years, which has allowed her to gain a perspective outside of the classroom or home setting.

“Having been in the position to work with many at-risk youth, I understand the need to form a bond and create a strong rapport with young adults,” Lindsay says. “It’s all about making a connection with that student.  When you make that connection, you can more effectively establish trust and respect, both of which are very important when working with a potential student.  When a student decides to attend college, there are a lot of steps, many of which are time sensitive.  Being able to set those expectations and be there as a strong role model and a support system is essential.  I feel like I can do that in my position here at Globe.”

Charlie adds, “Lindsay has a way with students and parents.  She’s very matter-of-fact when it comes to deadlines and action plans.  I see that same control in the classroom.  Lindsay is skilled at commanding the most difficult of classrooms.  One thing I can say for sure about Lindsay is that she never backs down from a challenging audience.”


Both college representatives are busy presenting in classrooms right now as well as assisting students with all of the upcoming scholarship deadlines.  Area teachers have the opportunity to benefit from presentations on real-world topics, such as living independently or how to get a job.  Career field-specific presentations are also available to provide a hands-on learning tool for students in the classroom.

These presentations are provided free of charge for high schools and are designed to be a strong supplement to classroom curriculum.  Current high school juniors and seniors have multiple opportunities for scholarships.  Students may be eligible for tuition-free courses, discounted tuition, scholarship tests, and scholarships based on application deadlines and final GPA.  To find out more about classroom presentations or scholarships available to high school students, call Globe University-Sioux Falls at 605-977-0705 and speak with either Kelli or Lindsay.

By Charlie Buehler, Director of Admissions