Feeling Patriotic?

America celebrated Independence Day yesterday and with all the celebrations and activities some people may be wondering how they might get more involved with their country and community. One of those ways is to make sure you are registered to vote. In case that individual is you or you are not currently registered here are some tips to help you along.

Election Dates: General Election – November 6, 2012

How Do I Register to Vote: http://sdsos.gov/Elections/Default.aspx
• Left side menu – Lists requirements to vote
• Registration form to print and complete
• Gives address of County Auditor – mail form to them

How Do I Request an Absentee Ballot: http://sdsos.gov/Elections/Default.aspx
• Left side menu – just above registration
• Must be registered to request absentee ballot
• Directions to print application, complete and mail to County Auditor

Where Do I Vote: http://sdsos.gov/Elections/Default.aspx
• Bottom center of page
• Asks for name and date of birth

Finding Candidate List for November Election: http://sdsos.gov/Elections/candidatelist.aspx
• The list includes party designation, district and mailing address

Finding Current Elected Officials: http://legis.state.sd.us/who/index.aspx
• Can use Interactive map or statewide maps
• Can enter district, county or city instead of maps

Support your campus in its efforts to invite candidates to:
• Tour the campus and visit with students
• Use the campus as a site for a “Candidates Forum”

Find a candidate that you align with and volunteer to work on the campaign in areas like phone banks, literature drops, door-knocking and lawn signs.