Five Favorite Strange Career TV Shows & Films

As a campus librarian for the Globe University-Sioux Falls campus, instructor for this quarter’s incarnation of the Film in Society class, and a certified, card carrying TV and film buff, I see a lot of TV and movies—a LOT!

Globe University-Sioux Falls

Doug Murdock, Movie Fanatic (and campus librarian)

I met for coffee with some friends at the beginning of this quarter who asked me about how the class was going. Now, they knew that Globe University is a career college, and naturally assumed that I would make an effort to show films in class that had at least something to do with inspiring the career choices our students had made.

I had to admit that showing this sort of film wasn’t the primary purpose of the class. To a person, they thought this odd. Here was, after all, a “golden opportunity” I was missing to further inspire others along the career paths we taught at Globe. And with incredulity (as much to further get my goat as anything), they immediately spouted off their favorite “career choice” films and TV shows—movies like Patch Adams for the medical field, and The Firm for the legal field.

Don’t get me wrong, all their film and TV show suggestions were wonderful, but what they didn’t realize is that there are lots of wonderful, inspiring career choice films. What I think is lacking, however, is a good, solid list of “strange” career TV shows and films.

Never wanting to run away from a challenge and always wanting to be first, or there-bouts, at anything I try, I hereby submit into evidence the following list: Doug’s Five Favorite Strange Career TV Shows and Films:

Veterinarian or Vet Tech Films

  • Veterinarian Doolittle.The film concerns Kenichi Tottori, a highly competent vet who likes things done “his way” (he’s Doolittle). His fussiness works until he becomes part of a  “love triangle” with an employee and a rival vet. Moral: be nice to the people you work with.

Medical or Med Tech Films

  • Doc Martin. No, not the shoes, and not strictly speaking a film, either. Doc Martin is (was) a British TV series concerning a vascular surgeon who develops a fear of blood. He quits his job at a famous London hospital, moves to the coast of Cornwall, and gets a job as the local general practitioner. Just like “Veterinarian Doolittle” he is prickly and irascible until the villagers bring him around. Moral: listen and be nice to your clients.

Lawyer or Paralegal Films

  • The Wronged Man. This is a wonderful film based on a true story about a paralegal who works for many years to help release a man who was wrongly accused of a crime. The trouble is that she is the only one who believes in his innocence, and he is innocent, by the way. Moral: even if you think you are fighting the uphill battle of all uphill battles, never give up.
Globe University-Sioux Falls

Doug Murdock, Campus Librarian

Business or Business-Related TV and Films:

  • Pawn Stars.  This is one of the most “unusual” career-related TV shows or films around. For those of you who have not yet seen it, check it out. It’s on the History Channel, and concerns a grandfather, father and son who own and run a pawn shop in Las Vegas. Like any family in business, they sometimes have their difficulties, but they are successful and amazing. Like the dad says, “You’ll never know what’ll come walking through the door.” Moral: If you’re going into business with your family, work out your differences and have a plan.
  • Duck Dynasty. This is the most“unusual and interesting career-related TV show around. It concerns a close-knit family who lives on the Louisiana bayous who have made a fortune out of making duck calls. They are, as they say, “high tech rednecks.” The three things that hold them together are their family, the Bible, and making duck calls. Check it out—you won’t be disappointed!

So what are the most unusual career-related films or TV shows that you’ve seen? Tell me about them! Add your comments to this post, and if I agree, you’ll win a prize.

Doug Murdock, Campus Librarian

By Doug Murdock, Campus Librarian, Globe University-Sioux Falls