Globe University Patriotic Employer

Serving our country is an honor, with that honor there comes trials, tribulations, and sacrifices. However there also come great things. Globe University is very supportive of those individuals who serve our country on a daily basis; this was clearly evident by a recent award given to our Dean of Faculty and the Sioux Falls Campus.

Abby Roberts is a full-time instructor in our Veterinary Technology Program, but that isn’t her only responsibility. Along with having a family, Abby is a member of the 1742nd Transportation Company of the National Guard. She serves with the National Guard one weekend a month and two weeks throughout the year. This year was a little different in years past, not only did Abby serve the required time, she was involuntarily mobilized to go to Pierre, SD for State Active Duty (SAD)for flood relief. This past summer heavy rains in Montana and melting snow caused flooding in Pierre along the Missouri River as well as in Dakota Dunes.
While serving on SAD, Abby was NCIOC, non-commissioned officer in charge, of the Ft. Pierre levee system. She along with the 15 people she was in charge of patrolled the levees every hour to help maintain the integrity of the levee to keep the cities of Pierre and Fort Pierre safe from extended flooding.

Abby received the call for SAD on a Friday afternoon a week before finals occurred on campus. This put our campus on alert as well. While Abby was getting ready to leave, she also had to work with Kim Sieverding, Vet Tech Program Chair and Jay Meyers, Dean of Faculty, to ensure the success of her classes while she was away which at that point was an undetermined amount of time. At this time Abby was teaching four different courses as well as her other responsibilities as an instructor and Associate Program Chair. Teamwork was very important and the strength of our campus supervened. Fellow Vet Tech instructors as well non-vet tech instructors stepped up to help out in Abby’s absence.
Friday, January 6, 2012, Jay Meyers and Globe University received the Patriotic Employer award from the National Guard. The Patriotic Employer Award is for employers who support Guard and Reserve employees and practice leadership and personnel policies that support employee’s participation with the Guard and Reserve.

Both Jay and Abby had great things to say about our members of our campus. Jay “was very honored to receive the Patriotic Employer Award. We are all very proud of Abby and her commitment to our nation and our community.” Abby stated that she “knew my students would be in good hands while I was away. I also greatly appreciate Globe University’s commitment to our military. That makes it easier for me to honor my commitments to Globe and the Army National Guard.”