Globe University-Sioux Falls Asks Local Employers What They Want

Globe University-Sioux Falls is in a unique position to help businesses in the area expand their workforce and hire hardworking individuals. Our campus offers in-demand career fields such as medical assisting and veterinary technology . Our students are offered a variety of classes to help them become valuable employees. Students need to be well prepared for a competitive job market and high demand workforce in today’s economy. Globe University Sioux Falls Campus

In order to gain more insight into the needs of our community, Campus Director Aimee Miritello hosted a Workforce Development Roundtable on campus on Thursday, December 18th. Six participants from the community attended the round table event, including employers from Avera, Goodwill, Citibank, and the City of Sioux Falls. Topics of discussion ranged from the state of the current workforce in Sioux Falls to what skills employers are looking for in potential employees.

Our staff gained valuable insights from these employers about what they’re hoping to see in future employees. Those looking for jobs in Sioux Falls need soft skills in addition to the technical skills gained from their time at Globe University. Employers are looking for candidates with good communication and problem solving skills as well as positive attitudes. Those willing to work hard are also standout candidates in the workforce.

“The lunch proved a productive discussion and one that was overdue. It is exciting to see the valuable relationships emerging by partnering with the city and employers to work at improving the current workforce and those of the future.” said Ann Kolbreck, Director of Career Services.

It is important for our campus to gain these insights into the communities we hope to serve. By making important connections in the community, our students can stay up to date on the latest demands in their career field.