Globe University-Sioux Falls Hosts Blood Drive On Campus

Healthcare management student organizer

Health care management student Tammy Waddell.

On Tuesday, November 18th, Globe University-Sioux Falls hosted a blood drive on campus. The event was organized by health care management student Tammy Waddell.

Tammy originally planned to host the blood drive as an applied learning project for a class, but was unable to book the Blood Mobile during the allotted time. So, instead, Tammy booked the blood drive for a Tuesday in November, when most students would be on campus.

“Many lives can be saved with one blood donation.  Eighteen students and staff donated blood on November 18th. I am very proud of Tammy for taking the opportunity and setting up the blood drive on our campus!” said medical assisting program chair Amy Zobel.

Tammy shared her thoughts, “Knowing that blood donation can save lives, I felt the need to set up this blood drive. As a medical assistant, I have heard about patient conditions that require blood, thus understanding why having a constant supply of blood is vital. I enjoyed setting this drive up because talking to Rita, the blood bank coordinator, I learned about how certain times of the year it is harder to get people to donate-for example, during the summer when people are busy. This made me realize that as people are busy, it may be easier to bring the blood bank to them to get donors. They could take a break from class to donate verses finding time to get over to the blood bank donor locations at Sanford or Avera McKennan.”



Other facts about blood donation:

Health Care Management Blood Drive

A student donates blood during the blood drive.

  • 550 units of blood are needed every week to meet the needs of our local hospitals.
  • Only 5% of the population donates blood.
  • Eight out of ten of us will require blood or blood products in our lifetime.
  • One unit of blood can be separated into several components (red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets).