Globe University Sioux Falls Makes Law and Order Come to Life

Friday the 13th generally causes individuals to think of bad luck. At the Globe University Sioux Falls campus Mr. Osborn had some “bad luck” this past Friday the 13th. It was our first Legal Day on campus. The campus was corrupted by crime, there was a “murder” in the Quiet Corner aka the “garage” of the Osborn’s and it was up to our Criminal Justice program along with area high school students to process the crime scene.

In the Quiet Corner the body of Mr. Osborn had been found. He had been shot twice in the back and the room was a mess. Clothes were thrown all over, blood was everywhere; there were broken pictures, golf clubs, and a baseball bat next to Mr. Osborn along with yellow do not cross police tape. With the assistance of Criminal Justice Program Chair Joey Collins, students collected evidence and processed the crime scene. Based on the evidence, Mrs. Osborn was arrested and charged with murdering her husband.

At this was the point our legal department on campus had taken over. Paralegal Program Chair Renae Kruse, Globe University Sioux Falls students and several attorneys from the Sioux Falls area questioned witnesses about the crime as well as their backgrounds. Each witness was brought into to classrooms and questioned. Now this was a group effort, members of the faculty and staff played key witnesses and each witness had a brief statement of the information they were privy to but were allowed to add additional information.

After each witness was questioned by the high school students, lunch was provided. After lunch it was time for the mock trial to begin. Two adjunct attorneys acted as the defense and state’s attorneys. After several witnesses testified the jury was asked to give their verdict. They decided Mrs. Osborn, our very own student Andrea Bernhard, acted in self-defense and was found not guilty of murder.

Throughout the day, students were involved with activities that provided them hands on experience of what their future careers may expose them to. Although this was a ‘staged’ crime and trial and the entire process only lasted four hours, GU-SF really played the part from beginning to end. Special thanks to all those who participated.