Globe University-Sioux Falls Says Goodbye to Campus Librarian Doug Murdock

Anyone who has visited Globe University–Sioux Fallslibrary in the past four years has no doubt interacted with Doug Murdock or his trusted sidekick Kai the Frog. Doug was honored three times for Campus Library of the Year awards, along with several other awards throughout his career.

Doug Murdock at work in the library

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. This week, Globe University-Sioux Falls said goodbye to Doug as he moves with his family to Omaha this summer. Doug made the library a warm and inviting place for students and faculty alike. Students could always rely on Doug to be a calming presence and help with study tips and any research the student was conducting.

We had the chance to speak with Doug and ask him a few questions before his departure.

How did you get started at Globe University?

I’ve worked in many different kinds of libraries since about 1975 and came to Globe University in 2010 as interim campus librarian. I enjoyed that, and in due course, was offered the opportunity to teach a class as well. This class, Film and Society, offered me the chance to have more “face time” with our students. Eventually, I became full-time campus librarian and continued to teach classes.

Tell us about a rewarding experience with a student and what you learned from it?

One student was having a rough time the last two quarters of their program. His self-confidence was in tatters, and, as he said he felt his job, school and his family was ganging up on him. I gave him some study tips, reminded him daily that it could be done and that he could succeed where others thought he couldn’t. Long story short, he did pass his classes and did graduate, and he was very happy with the help and encouragement he got. His kids made me a card, which I still have!

Tell us why you think it’s so important for our campus to have a library?

If the librarian can interact well with the students, faculty and staff, they can help ensure the success of the students and the institution.

Kai the Frog, who kept watch over the library and students hard at work.

What has been your favorite part of working at Globe? 

I think I would have to say working with a wonderful group of people: the Sioux Falls campus students, faculty and staff. The students are amazing! I would say that the prevailing attitude among the students is that they are here because the want to be here; they want to be successful, and it’s the job of the faculty and staff (including the librarian) to help ensure that they are successful.

What’s next for the Murdock family?

My oldest son will be a senior this year at Creighton. My wife is really enjoying her new job at Bellevue University, and my youngest son will “explore new opportunities” at Bellevue University. I, too, have new worlds to conquer in the “land to the south” (Omaha).