Globe University-Sioux Falls Shows “We Care” about ALS

If you are active on Facebook or any other social media site, there was almost no way you could have missed seeing one or more of your friends and family members getting doused as they took their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and funds for ALS Awareness fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Globe University – Sioux Falls is not immune to this challenge either and graciously accepted nominations and braved the icy buckets of water.  The challenge was first initiated by Regional Director Dave Tracy. Dave performed his challenge at the Sioux Falls campus and nominated the campus directors of the seven campuses he represents.

Dr. Edward Kreider participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge

Campus Director Aimee Miritello was next in line for this challenge and gave a nomination back to the student body with an interesting twist. In an effort to increase fund raising for the event, Aimee allowed many different staff and faculty members the opportunity to drench her with icy water. Here’s the twist: The campus hosted a week-long bake sale in which students could allocate the funds to whichever staff or faculty member they chose, and whoever “raised” the most money for ALS through the bake sale won themselves a seat in the ice bucket chair the following week.

The lucky winner of this prize ended up being Dr. Ed Kreider.  Dr. Kreider is the Resident Veterinarian for the veterinary technology program at Globe University-Sioux Falls. While he stated he wasn’t quite sure how he won the honor of this prestigious prize with all the competition he had, he didn’t complain at all as the icy waters crashed down on him. He stated that he “always feel blessed to be a part of an organization that takes charity and the “We Care” attitude not only to the classroom, but also the rest of the world.”

As each campus took part at different times in this challenge, the “We Care” mission was very apparent. Globe University and the Sioux Falls campus truly do believe that by showing how much we care, we can make a difference. One day it is an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the next day it will be something meeting a completely different need. The fact remains, however, that “We Care” about our students, staff and the communities that we are in enough to at least try to make a difference, one bucket at a time.

Written by Aimee Miritello, campus director