Globe University-Sioux Falls Students Participate in Annual Heart Walk

Medical assistant students and their program chair Amy Zobel at the Heart Walk

The American Heart Association’s annual Heart Walk was the perfect opportunity for Globe University-Sioux Falls’ staff and students to volunteer and complete applied learning objectives from their classrooms. Recently, medical assistant and veterinary technology students supported the Heart Walk by helping to set up booths, give directions, and cheer on walk participants. The students also assisted with clean up after the walk was completed. Gates opened for the event at 8:00 a.m, and volunteers helped clean up until 11:00 a.m.

Erica Arends, a medical assistant instructor, said the Heart Walk was very beneficial to the students in her program. “​Anytime you get students involved with community projects, it not only opens their eyes to the wonderful community we live in, but the multitude of opportunities there are for them to become involved in” she said.

“The Heart Walk is a great way to raise awareness of heart disease. The walk exposes students to how diseases can affect all ages and generations, by seeing the various groups of runners and walkers,” Arends said. “Some people walk for family and friends who have passed due to heart disease, others walk for personal health and others walk to support family/friends. It allows students educational opportunities that you cannot necessarily get from a book.”

Veterinary Technology Program Chair Kim Smith with her students who volunteered at the Heart Walk

Veterinary technology program chair Kim Smith also said the Heart Walk greatly benefited her students. “Our students learned the importance of keeping dogs hydrated while exercising and how an event like this can not only benefit animals, but their owners. There’s more to applied learning than working with animals—we also want to help pet owners too! This event had a big impact for those in need, and our students saw firsthand the efforts it takes to make an event like this happen” she said.